Own This World 2.9

Own This World 2.9



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Date Added:21 March, 2014

Author: Big Nerds In Disguise

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Often described as "Real life meets RISK"

Battle for your own neighbourhood as you nuke, blitz and propaganda your way to ruling your city, continent and even the world!

Own This World is a massively multiplayer location dependent game where the real world map has been split into millions of territories that you compete for with players that are also physically in the same area. Your rank in the world climbs as you claim territories. If you have the most you are crowned the ruler of the World.

Owning territories allows you to accumulate resources (gold, manpower, food & supplies) which in turn allows you to attack other users in your current territory.

Compete against the entire world or buy your own personal world for you and your friends.

Create or join an Alliance so you can your friends can take on the world together.

View the state of the world at www.ownthisworld.com

-Random "mystery boxes" now spawn on the map offering more mayhem and destruction.
-Leaderboards now allow you to see as much as you want.
-Troop Truck! Now you can load troops into a truck and take them with you to drop off in other territories. It will cost you a few resources though!



"This is an incredible idea and is one of the few apps I've downloaded that changes how I go about my day to day routine. My wife loves to use it while we're driving. She enjoys sending us on alternate (or "scenic" routes) just to take territories from people. This application has made hitting a red light or a wall of traffic a positive thing, and there aren't many apps out there that can pull that off. There's something about taking a territory from a friend that is simply exhilarating. The amount of backstabbing that's gone on in my office over the day has been hilarious and there are already talks of road trips just to build up scores."

"I had a dream about this app last night. I dreamt that I walked all the way around the great wall of China, just to gain the territory."

"This is a great and very original app. It makes me want to ride my bike down the street just to get a new territory!"


-Regional Leaderboards:
Having trouble taking over the entire world? Now you can narrow it down a bit with regional leaderboards. If your region isn't listed, please email support@bnid.ca and we will add it to the list.

Now you can take on the world with your posse! Your nightly production of resources is shared amongst those in your alliance, so you can share your wealth or get a little help from your friends. Territories owned by alliances will be indicated by the alliance color as well. Watch your climb to world domination with the alliance leader board.

-In-game Messaging
Have you been dying to chat with some of the people you've been playing with? Now you can. Just add them to your friends list, and start chatting.

-No-Purchases World
You asked for it, we've given it to you. Don't like that people can blow money and stock up on resources. Then play in a purchase free world. Just select "Earth - No Purchases" in the world selection screen.

-Social Network Integration
Brag to your friends and followers about your status in OTW, do a little trash talking, or just tweet it with a local # to get more players in your area.



- Users location will be less accurate when playing on an iPod touch as it has no GPS to calculate the location, instead using other means provided by Apple.

- An 3G or internet connection is required to play Own This World.

- Location services must be turned on to play Own This World.

- iPod Touch Users: Your IP address must be registered with Apple or you'll show up in the ocean. http://techcrunch.com/2010/07/29/apple-location/

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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